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It's not about getting rich quick with cryptocurrencies. It's about understanding that the associated blockchain will solve trust issues between people and the accompanying increase in value, such a future-oriented technology, is a positive side effect. 

At binnoex, we want to do our part in the world of blockchains and focus on the analysis, use and trading of cryptocurrencies. 

This makes it easier for our customers to enter the world of digital currencies and we work on innovative solutions every day.    

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Why Cryptocurrencies?

Inflation continues to rise, banknote printing is in full swing, and interest rates are even starting to dip into negative territory. These are all signs that one should look at alternative investment opportunities to expand one's portfolio.

More and more people are now getting involved with the topic of cryptocurrencies. This is also shown by the steadily growing numbers of transactions on the Bitcoin network. Write to us to get an introduction to this world-changing topic.


We make you and your company cryptofit!

You need an introduction to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin & Co.

for yourself, your team or your company ?

Then we have the right solution for you.

  • Online or in your company
  • Whether individual coaching or team training
  • Handout included after the training
  • Flexible planning / Also possible on weekends
  • No basic knowledge necessary
  • Training by team of experts

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Help with your crypto tax?

Cointracking is the market leader in crypto portfolio tracking and tax reporting. With Cointracking you always have a structured overview of all your assets and can generate a tax report at the end of the year, which you can attach to your tax return.

In addition to a 10% discount on your selected package, we will provide you with an introduction to the program and be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the proper use of Cointracking.


Make your cryptocurrencies work for you!

You already own cryptocurrencies and are "just" waiting for a price increase?

Did you know that your digital assets can also generate dividends?


With BINNOSTAKE we offer you for different currencies 

a step-by-step guide and walk you through the staking process. 

Validator Nodes

In our Staking division , we act as a validator in a wide variety of networks and contribute to their security


More than 200 stakers have already joined our nodes

+ $

Through our High Available server infrastructure, we have already generated over $100,000 in rewards for our Stakers

Stake with BINNOSTAKE today!

Coming Soon!

We want to make your cryptocurrency experience as easy as possible, which is why we work on innovative solutions every day. In addition to a real-time trading platform, an information service for the latest crypto projects is also under development.

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